Sale, Service & Hire


We have relationships to all major mobility providers we are able to provide the best range of mobility products to be trialed either at our store or comfort of your home.

All these products have TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) testing, this then can assure you that these items have met the strict standard as set out by the TGA and the aligned worldwide bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

There are many products on the market that just don’t meet these standards.



With fully industry qualified technicians your service or repair work can be completed in the comfort of your home or in our fully equipped workshop and all work is guaranteed.

This is a full service not a quick check over like many of our competitors and we will check with the customer any parts including costs are included.



Our customers enjoy access to a modern fleet of rental mobility and rehabilitation, equipment in Newcastle.

With a history of supplying quality rental goods to both the retail customer and healthcare facilities Our equipment range is diverse and sure to meet your every requirement.

You have the ability to either hire equipment picked up from our showroom or we can deliver to your doorstep.

Our rental equipment pool is maintained to the highest possible standards of quality and condition, with all equipment undertaking rigorous detail cleaning and maintenance prior to being delivered.

Sales, Service and Hire

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NSW Health
BrightSky Australia
Certified System
Australian Department of Vetinary Affairs
Country Care Group
Assistive Technologies Suppliers Australia